1. A history in UX Design

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If I told you that the foundations of user experience design were being laid in the early 1900’s, I don’t think you’d believe me. In fact, to really grasp the vast history of UX design we can go all the way back to the 1400’s where Leonardo da Vinci first designed a kitchen for the Duke of Milan to purposefully accommodate large groups of people. Amongst many other groundbreaking ideas, the kitchen consisted of many conveyor belts to transport the food more efficiently and although they didn’t work entirely as expected this is one of the very first tangible examples of user experience design. History, however, has not changed the core principle of user experience design; the process of building products with the customer in mind.

Hundreds of years later in the mid 90’s, Don Norman, whilst working for Apple, famously coined the phrase, UX Architect. It was at this point where the modern form of UX Design was born with a much stronger emphasis on digital products.

Today, the UX industry is at an all-time high as organisations from around the world realise it’s value in creating incredible experiences that delight customers.

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