What is UX Design?

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At the heart of UX Design is the process of creating meaningful and engaging products for users. This process consists of several disciplines which combined form the skeleton of user experience design. Broadly speaking these disciplines include user research, information architecture, planning & strategy, iterative design and finally testing.

The core responsibility of a UX Designer is to consider the Why, What and How a product is used. This process of information gathering will help shape a design solution that will appeal to the user and solve their needs. The Why involves establishing the user's motivation and need for using your product. This can be done by conducting both quantitative and qualitative user research tests (eg surveys, user interviews, online polls etc). The What involves what the user is trying to accomplish by using your product and finally, the How relates to method and technology the user is adopting to accomplish those tasks. Together these three core principles define the role of a UX Designer and help us create something relevant and special.


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What will you learn?

  • A history of UX design
  • How UX design has evolved through the years
  • What UX design is not
  • How UX design applies to digital products
  • Common misconceptions about UX design
  • Practicing the core principles of what makes a ux designer in the digital space
  • Accommodating the differences in how companies utilise UX designers
  • Checklist of things you should be doing as a UX designer
  • Core principles that make a UX designer

Who you'll learn with

With over 10 years experience in the UX Design industry, Ed brings a wealth of knowledge to the course material on UXClub.com. Having delivered for clients such as Renault, Nissan, Mastercard, Virgin and more, Ed has experienced the entire design process from user research, UX strategy and quantitative analysis all the way through to iterative design, execution and user testing. UXClub.com is a place where Ed can share what he's learnt with anyone who's looking to learn something new about user experience design and change their career.

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