Heuristic Evaluation

Heuristic evaluation is a common, cheap and quick research method that's been a part of the UX process from the very beginning. In this course, we'll be breaking down what it means, why it is an effective research method and how you can get started using it.

  • English
  • Last updated Nov 13th, 2016
  • Skill level: Beginner


  • 9m 20s on demand video
  • 4 lessons
  • Certificate of completion
  • Watch on desktop, tablet & mobile

What will you learn?

  • What is heuristic evaluation
  • When does this happen in the project
  • Benefits and disadvantages of heuristic evaluation
  • How many times can you evaluate a product with heuristics
  • Benchmarks of heuristic evaluation
  • Documenting the data effectively
  • Presenting the data back to the business
  • How does this evaluation inform the rest of the design process
  • Alternatives to heuristic evaluation
  • The difference between heuristic evaluation and user testing
Who you'll learn with

Ed is a UX Designer with over 10 years experience working with a variety of clients including, Renault, Mastercard, Virgin and more.

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