Getting started with Axure

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Axure is, without doubt, the one tool synonymous with user experience design. Love it or hate it, Axure is still one of the most useful tools that will help you deliver excellent products. Axure makes more seemingly complex interactions and behaviors seem simple and due to its sheer longevity in the design industry, there is a wealth of documentation and support content available, which makes getting started with Axure super easy.

This software handles almost everything you'd ever need when building a prototype. You can design Low, mid or high fidelity mockups, perform advanced data calculations, parallax scrolling, touch gestures, custom web fonts, screen transitions & animations, charts/diagrams, sitemaps, user flows and more without having to switch between different bits of software. It's all just in one place.


  • 17m 33s on demand video
  • 5 lessons
  • Certificate of completion
  • Watch on desktop, tablet & mobile
  • Download and watch offline

What will you learn?

  • Getting to grips with the Axure interface
  • Working with pages
  • Navigating the Axure canvas
  • What is AxShare
  • Sitemaps and page grouping
  • Working with grids & guides
  • Working with pre-defined widgets
  • Adding onclick events
  • Linking pages to one another

Who you'll learn with

With over 10 years experience in the UX Design industry, Ed brings a wealth of knowledge to the course material on Having delivered for clients such as Renault, Nissan, Mastercard, Virgin and more, Ed has experienced the entire design process from user research, UX strategy and quantitative analysis all the way through to iterative design, execution and user testing. is a place where Ed can share what he's learnt with anyone who's looking to learn something new about user experience design and change their career.

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