My personal challenge for 2017

By Ed Vinicombe on Jan 19th, 2017

12 months ago was ... well ... non-existent! We had a different name and different product. Fast forward a year and we have completely re-invented ourselves into what you see today.

We're now (still tiny) a team of three and the company is in profit with a model that we can scale easily. We've got users from all over the world and have some incredible companies investing in some of their employee training with us.

Cough Justgiving Cough Oracle Cough

To top it off we've completely re-written our entire framework and reduced practically all of our technical debt to enable us to develop features at the drop of a hat.


Double the amount of content

One of the greatest things about 2016 was seeing how much people enjoyed our courses.

In 2017 I want to see our content double to offer our users even more for their money. It's not easy preparing a course, filming it, editing it and so on but expanding our catalog as much as we can is vital.

Make our courses more interactive

A key bit of feedback we've been receiving is that people want more interactive examples of our course content.

One of my personal challenges for the year is document more practical examples of lesson content to give a more insightful experience to our users.

Make your experience using better than ever

We want to make your experience learning ux design to be as seemless as possible.

So in 2017 we'll be rolling out a host of new features that we cannot wait to share with you all. From how you navigate from lesson to lesson to how you can build up your own profile and enrich your learning experience.

Our user's experience is our first priority and the feedback you're all sending in helps us enormously!

Thank you so much to all of our community who have made possible over the last year. We're looking forward to helping you all learn everything there is about the UX industry

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