Introducing on-demand video training for UX Designers

By Ed Vinicombe on Jan 12th, 2017

After six long months we can now share with you all what we’ve been working so tirelessly on.

Say hello to, an on-demand video training platform covering everything from the basics to more advanced techniques of the user experience industry.

What is it?

UXC is a catalog of short video lessons covering a multitude of topics that will help get you started and improve your UX knowledge.

Trying UXC is completely FREE and we don’t ask for your credit card to do so. You can claim any course for nothing to get a flavor of what our courses cover.

For $9/mo you can unlock the entire catalog and enjoy every course and lesson we have to offer.


Having been frustrated with how much online UX courses can cost we decided to do something about it.

Why pay $2000+ for an online course that is static and never changes with time? Or why be on a waiting list to enroll on something!? The sheer cost and exclusivity of doing so is crazy and it’s simply not fair.

UXC offers a far more reasonable and affordable price for you to learn about user experience design when YOU want. No waiting lists, no ludicrous cost, no hassle.


I truly hope you all enjoy what UXC has to offer.

We’ve only just started our journey in bringing you something we think can help people improve their UX know-how and we are always open to any feedback or course suggestions to help us get better and better at what we do.


Over 100 hours of video training for UX Designers

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