Goodbye post publishing!

By Ed Vinicombe on Apr 24th, 2017

That’s right! You’ll no longer be able to post your own blogs using

Why did we do this? Well, the decision was an easy one for us. UXC is quickly growing into a home for UXers wanting to learn something new about user experience design. With this in mind it really didn’t make sense for us to maintain code to a legacy feature that no one was really using anymore and didn’t fit in with what our brand was about.

You’ll notice that your posts will no longer be appended to your profile (we’ve got some cool stuff coming soon to replace them) and you’ll no longer be able to post anything new. Additionally, your ‘home’ is where you’ll now keep track of courses in progress, saved for laters and certificates. Lastly, you’ll not be able to follow anyone on as … well … there’s really no reason to anymore. Your profiles will, instead, evolve into more of a private space where you can track what you’re learning and identify UX topics that you might feel like improving on.

As we move on into 2017 our focus is to continue improving our core product - on demand video training. That’s what UXC is all about and what it’ll always be about. Everything else is naturally falling by the wayside.

So long post publishing!

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