An interview with Sander LeGrand

By Ed Vinicombe on Oct 3rd, 2013

Hi Sander, for those who are unaware would you care to introduce yourself?

Hi, First of thanks for having me. I'm Sander Legrand, a 22 year old designer from Antwerp, Belgium. I grew up in Hemiksem, a small town near Antwerp, but +- 1 year ago, I moved closer to the city to live in a house with a couple of friends, and that has been great so far.

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Tell us about Gravual. How long has it been going and what are your plans for the future?

I came up with that name when I was still in school. I did the course 'Devine' in Kortrijk (Belgium), but I dropped out after two years. In Devine, you learn 2 things, programming and design, now design was something I absolutely loved to do, but the programming-side of the course was not my thing.

After these two years I searched for a job, which I found after the first solicitation interview I did, and where I still work right now. It's a small company right behind the corner from where I live, called 'Snyvo'. This was probably the best thing that could happen to me, because I learned so much over there. I'm still very thankful to my boss for giving me that opportunity.
Everything I do after that day job, I do under the name 'Gravual'. Most of the time just small personal projects though.

This is probably one of the coolest shots I've seen on Dribbble. Could you walk us through how you made this and what was your inspiration?

Thanks man. That was one of the coolest swap deals I made in my life. I designed something for the guys from Losee Longboards, and in stead of paying me with moneyz, they did send me that beautiful laser engraved longboard with the graphic I made. Since I always wanted to make a skateboard myself, I was so stoked to get this longboard. If I could do a deal like that again, I would. Immediately. Btw, that longboard is the best I ever had.

Sixty Four clothing looks interesting could you tell us a little more about this project?

That's a project I started when I just dropped out of school. It looked like so much fun to have a small clothing-company with limited edition shirts. I worked on it for months, but in the end the practical matters were not as easy as I thought they would be, so the project never really took off.

How would you best describe your style?

In one word: playful. Since these are the things I do after my day job, I love to go wild on colors, and sometimes just make things without even knowing what they are. I start almost every week a new illustration, but I finish so few. Guess that are the consequences of not having a client or a deadline. As long as we have fun, right?

How did you go about making a font? This is something I really want to get into!

I am practicing a lot on making letters lately. This was one of the first real fonts I made, so this is kind of terrible to look back at. I'm still looking for some typography lessons, because I am afraid of making big mistakes due to not knowing any theoretical rules and things like that. If somebody has some good suggestions to learn typography, please let me know!

Designers you have recently inspired you?

It's hard to pick a few designers. I follow almost 200 designers on dribbble and they inspire me every day. To sum up some of my favourite ones:
Patswerk, Keenan Cummings, Keith Davis Young, Richard Perez, Alex Perez, Ray Urena,, Zack Davenport, Matt Scribner, Eric R. Mortensen, Aaron Eiland

Tell us about Antwerp. Are there many opportunities for aspiring designers over there?

I love this city. There are a lot of design-studios based over here, so I think there is enough employment for younger designers.

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