An interview with Ray Sison

By Ed Vinicombe on Oct 25th, 2013

Hi Ray, for those who are unaware would you care to introduce yourself?

Hello. I’m a New York based designer. I currently work as an art director for Nike+ FuelBand at R/GA.

I only started using Nike + Fuelband last week and am blown away with the design & UI of this app. How much time & work goes into developing something so influential and popular? Do you feel the pressure sometimes as this is such a high profile brand?

Glad you like it! The project took almost 2 years to make, from concept boards to final execution. A lot of sleepless nights, crazy tight deadlines, and endless do-over’s, but I have to admit, it was all worth it in the end. Nothing in this world could compare to what I felt when we finally launched. Fortunately, I had such a great team on this project that I didn’t feel that much pressure throughout the process.

Where do you find the inspiration comes from to generate this unique style used for Nike+?

Inspiration really came from everyone I’ve worked with. The entire app was a group effort and the way the app turned out was due to a close collaboration with some amazing people.

RGA produce some incredible work. What’s your day to day routine look like?

The interesting thing about R/GA is that you never know what’s going to happen when you come into work. Sometimes it’s a relaxing day, other days it gets intense. Sometimes you come into work thinking the project is almost done, but then you come to find out you need to re-design everything all over again. I think that’s what makes this job so interesting. The only thing you can really expect is to expect nothing. Also the Legos in the meeting room and the Nerf darts zipping by your desk are pretty much the constant things that happen day to day.

Outside of your busy schedule what do you do to keep your mind busy?

I actually do wedding photography on the side. Something about it just pulls me in. Maybe it’s because it’s a completely different creative world to play in. No revisions. No going back. You get one shot and it has to look good no matter what.

Could you walk us through your workflow when creating new branding? How much time do you spend research & documenting ideas compared to working in Photoshop/Illustrator?

I do a good hour of research and start dropping inspirations into a folder for that specific project. Then I dive right into Photoshop and C4D. I don’t like to get caught up with research because my deadlines are usually tight so I rather spend more time exploring.

What do you think of the design scene in New York? Is it really as cool as it gets!?

The designers in New York are the best, in my opinion. Not because they’re New Yorkers per-se but the fact that this city attracts some of the best talents around the world. There are a lot of great designers from São Paulo, Sweden, Sydney, Spain, etc. that are now here in NY, either working at one of the biggest agencies here, or starting up their own firms. It’s a great city to be in, you get exposed to all these different styles that

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