An interview with Luis Bondio

By Ed Vinicombe on Nov 9th, 2014

Hi Luis, thanks for doing this. How long have you been producing DJing for?

Hi, I am 27 years old & I started to produce my own tracks about 5 years ago.

What was your motivation to get into DJing & producing your own music?

In 2003 the music scene here in Argentina changed a lot with the opening of a great club called √Źnfierno. This gave a lot of local DJs the chance to play all sorts of experimental deep house that people really started to enjoy. When I was younger it was a bit harder for me to find places to appreciate this kind of music but still artists such as DJ Bobo & La Bouche would come to visit clubs mainly in Buenos Aires which would help drive my passion for the music.

The passion & interest in progressive deep house in Argentina is unrivalled. The amount of DJs & producers quickly gaining some notoriety is incredible. What are your thoughts on the current scene over there?

Luis Bondio - Waiting For (Deepfunk Remix)

In Buenos Aires the scene is massive & it is growing so much every year. Besides the capital the love for techno house is a little stronger. For example, in my home town of Cordoba they much prefer the fast tempo techno tunes which are a little more accessible. From 2009 to 2012 the DJing scene was very weak over here but now it is slowly being built up again with some excellent producers coming through. It is definetly an exciting time to be making this kind of music here in Argentina. The clubs are also working as hard as possible to bring DJs from all over the world to play here to try and maintain the thriving scene we have going on here. Hopefully 2014 should see a host of new & exciting DJs playing the clubs here.

A couple of years ago you established Baires Records with Santiago Garcia and Dark Soul Project. The label has been so successful since it's inception. What made you branch out and want to do your own thing & was it a difficult decision to leave this behind?

Luis Bondio - Holiday Swing (Deepfunk Remix)

The guys did a fantastic job with the label and I am so happy about that. Initially, my music had taken on so much of a different direction and I thought a natural progression was to expand into making a label of my own where I can control a lot of th production and help upcoming DJs. I am still very good friends with Ivan and Santiago but back then we lived over 700KM away from eachother which was very difficult to manage at times. It was a hard decision when I chose to leave but the time was right & I left knowing that they would do a great job giving producers and DJs the chance to be heard all over Argentina. I still keep in touch with them from time to time to see how they are doing. We are still very good friends.

When you have completed a new track what citeria do you think about when choosing someone to remix it? For example, you got Dousk to remix your first label release, what was the thought process behind that?

Luis Bondio - Imaginarium (Dousk Remix)

I always like to work with artists who I admire in the first place. I am always thinking to myself "who would best suit the style of this track". Usually, I have a list of a few artists who I have in mind to remix my tracks and then after that it is just a task of getting in touch with them and see if they would like to do it. Dousk remixed this track 'Imaginarium' and it sounds absolutely great. It has since featured in many mixes across the world and I am happy I picked him to do it. There are some instances when the remix does not always work out but instead of simply saying no I try and save present a different track of mine for them to try which might suit them a little better.

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