An interview with Jonathan Quintin

By Ed Vinicombe on Mar 23rd, 2014

Hi Jonathan, for those who are unaware would you care to introduce yourself?

My name is Jonathan Quintin, 31, based in Bristol, UK. I am currently Creative Director at Workbrands but also founder of STUDIOJQ. I have over 9 years commercial experience and I work with clients from the UK, Europe, Australia and the US. I have a huge love for simplistic design, clean layouts and bold colours. I am a strong believer that any project is possible with determination, commitment and passion.

How long have you been running STUDIOJQ? Do you find you any spare time with the full time job at Workbrands and your freelance?

I have been freelancing for over 8 years, but founded STUDIOJQ two years ago. I wanted to create a brand which best illustrated my passion for design, but more important shows potential clients my ability and creativity.
In terms of spare time, um, well, I try too. I am extremely lucky to have a partner (Kerrie-Ann) who understands my ‘addiction’ with design and she has supported me throughout, if its bringing me energy boosters (Coffee) or just keeping ‘Enzo’ our Bengal cat out of the way from the Mac. He likes to chase the cursor around, aswell as stealing my Bamboo pen and hiding it!!! With commitment and passion, all three parts of life is possible (Just)

Your work is so varied. How would you best explain your style & how have you refined and developed this over the years?

I have been lucky enough to work on a varied amount of projects over the years, from branding to web to fashion to video. I would like to see my style being described as ‘Considered’.. These days any good design can make these look pretty and jump out at you, but without a message/story behind it, I feel its redundant. At the start of my career and still in parts now, I have struggled with the message part, however I strive everyday to learn better ways to connect with the audience. If you check out my dribble page, you can view the variation of my projects, I am very lucky.

What does your role at Workbrands involve on a daily basis? And have you heard of this site, Hovering art directors?

Yes, this site is Brilliant, I have been know to do the ‘hover’ too often, I try not too, but sometimes I just can’t help it. I work with such a great team at Workbrands that I can’t help peering over their screens and discussing techniques, direction and feedback. This also works well on the reverse, I often ask designers to come and give feedback on my work, this is what a team is all about.
My role on a daily basis is the direction, control and influences the projects that come in and out of the studio. We have a daily meeting to discuss jobs on and then meetings with the specific designers throughout the day discussing their project. It’s a great challenge as I manage the team, as well as work on my own projects and we all mix together to brainstorm and develop ideas. I really enjoy the role, as I am abit of a ATD (Attention to detail) freak, so I like to check all work completed and that all designs are to a standard I feel will make the client happy Yes, we aim for happy clients!

What products, sites & apps have you got you excited this year?

I am still excited for the iphone 5! I have had my 3gs which seems like an ice age now, so this is the biggest product I am waiting for. I think I use my iphone as much as I use my Mac, to check emails, look for inspiration and connecting with other designers.

Where do you go for inspiration when starting a new piece of work?

My first point of contact is Dribbble! Its amazing, the interface, the quality of designers and the variation of design is just incredible. Secondly is Behance, this is much better for in depth project inspiration. Third, is September Industry, I find this website inspiring, the quality of work posted here is of the highest quality.
The last and most importantly is just keeping my eyes open where ever I am, most of the time, the most inspiring things are right in front of you!

Designers you would recommend checking out?

Icon design Tim Boelaars, Illustration Tom Lane, Design Riley Cran

Bristol is a fantastic place to live and study. What is the design scene like over there? Are there many opportunities for aspiring designers?

The design scene in Bristol is getting bigger by the minute. More and more agency’s are popping up around the place, it’s the next stop off from London I feel, more an more clients are coming out of London to find agencies. Yes, I feel there are many opportunities in and around Bristol, you just have to get yourself out there!

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